When You Say Nothing At All (Spoiler version)

Ever heard of the song ‘When you say nothing at all’? Well, this is the Spoiler version of it. It is meant to be homework for the English class…

First you should let her know she lives in your heart
Then let her know your name and your contact number
Offer a date is the following step
Look at her when you pop the question

For Saturday night, you should bring her to movie
Hugging her in your arms if the movie’s too scary
The touch of your hands says you’ll catch her whenever she falls
She will be yours, if you do what we tell you

Caring her is a way to enter her heart
Wipe away all her tears and lend her shoulders
Tell her a joke to brighten her days
Girls love guys with a great sense of humour

For Valentine’s Day, you should buy her some roses
Bring her to a dinner in a fanciful restaurant
Holding her hands shows you love her but don’t grab too hard
She will be yours, if you do what we tell you

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